ACT hosts a workshop on Activism, Creative Participation and Democracy

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In an age of new media, anyone can be an activist.  Once a story breaks, it is not owned by anyone or under anyone’s control - not the person who wrote it, the person who features in it and certainly not the company that owns a newspaper of tv station.

 The transmission of news is becoming democratized and internationalized  and this is the key weapon of the citizen in the fight against corruption, unfair policies and racism.  Kostas Kallergis (anti corruption blogger), Damian Mac Con Uladh (activist journalist focusing on racism) and Maggie Nolan, (of the anti-racist, anti-fascist group KEERFA) were guest speakers at ACT’s Inspiration Exchange Event ‘Activism, creative participation and democracy’ which explored issues of citizen journalism, anti-racist actions and how to challenge corruption. More

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