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  • Alumni corner: Iliyan Iliev › I was an International Relations major at the American College of Thessaloniki from 2013 to 2017. Since my first semester at ACT I was involved at the Dukakis Center, first as a volunteer, and then as an intern. It was a life-changing experience for me because it allowed me to participate in multiple activities that I had never done before. (June, 2017) Read more →
  • Dukakis Center pilots "Young Citizens" project › The Dukakis Center piloted a new project in April and May, 2017, amid sixth grade pupils at the First Elementary School of Panorama. The pupils in Ioannis Vrettos' ΣΤ2 class deliberated and voted on a resolution to address the problem of graffiti in public spaces near their school, in such a way as to develop a common area for children to express themselves freely and take responsibility for the upkeep of this same space. (June, 2017) Read more →
  • Dukakis Center to host exhibition on "Social Capital" › The Dukakis Center at ACT has invited Scott Townsend to visit Thessaloniki to share the fruit of recent research in Greece, in the form of an exhibition entitled "Social Capital," to be hosted at the French Institute of Thessaloniki from June 21 till July 17, 2017. Mr. Townsend is Associate Professor of Graphic Design at North Carolina State University. His work in the last thirteen years has taken the form of specific projects concentrating on issues of globalization. (June, 2017) Read more →
  • John Koenig at the Dukakis Center › John Koenig, former US Ambassador to Cyprus, visited ACT and the Dukakis Center last week to deliver a Dukakis Lecture, and to visit with various constituencies at the College. The highlight of Ambassador Koenig's visit was a Dukakis Lecture entitled "The Cyprus end-game: Unification or permanent partition?" The event was co-hosted by the Navarino Network, and took place at the Daios Hotel, on the site of the old US Consulate General.  (April, 2017) Read more →
  • Alexandros Mallias returns to the Dukakis Center › Former Greek Ambassador to the United States Alexandros Mallias spoke to ACT students on January 30 under the auspices of the Dukakis Center, on the siubject of his most recently published book, The Middle East and Pandora's Box. Ambassador was in town to promote his book at various venues and graciously accepted an invitation to return to ACT, which he first visited for a Dukakis Lecture in 2011, following a long period of gestation dating back to 2004. (March, 2017) Read more →
  • Dukakis Center scholars lecture at the University of Macedonia › This past November 29, some 150 students and faculty from the Universities of Macedonia and Thessaloniki heard ACT instructors Lambrini Nassis and David Wisner speak at a public conference on the recent US elections, hosted by the Greek Association of Political and Economics Science Students at the University of Macedonia. Wisner offered an overview of the US system of government, followed by some of the more unusual features of the 2016 elections. Dr. Nassis then spoke on the Electoral College and on voting behavior in 2016. (December, 2016) Read more →
  • Enjoying a taste of change with the Dukakis Center › A live crowdfunding event is such an exciting happening. Especially when there is dinner and wine afterwards for participants! Last Wednesday, the Dukakis Center and FEAST Thessaloniki joined forces to host an innovative crowd-funding event at WE Thessaloniki. “A Taste of Change” was an unforgettable fun(d)raising event focusing on new social challenges. (December, 2016) Read more →
  • Remembering Obama in Greece › In remembrance of President Obama, and in honor of our many Greek friends who were invited to attend his legacy speech in Athens, we publish Dukakis Center Director David Wisner’s 1988 post-election remarks, delivered at the US Consulate General of Thessaloniki (below the break). Students, interns, and staff at ACT and the Dukakis Center had been especially active during the 2008 US general election, both in Greece and in the US. (November, 2016) Read more →
  • Election Day USA: A carnival of democracy ›   Election day is nigh upon us. For close to two years candidates and political parties have been jockeying to attract the attention of the American electorate. Who will win the race to the White House? Which parties will capture majorities in the US Senate and House of Representatives? What surprises await us in state and local elections? (November, 2016) Read more →
  • The Future of Democracy intern projects › The Dukakis Center is hosting an especially large cohort of undergraduate interns this fall, including a talented cohort of Study Abroad students from universities throughout the US. One of the projects they are working on is called "The Future of Democracy." (October, 2016) Read more →
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