Policy Areas

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The Policy Lab was established to fulfill the original function of the Dukakis Center, to provide a forum in which to examine public policy issues of special interest to ACT’s various constituencies. These include, among others, education, governance, and information technology.

The Policy Lab conducts and shares the fruit of research into public policy in Greece, the EU, and the US. Currently the Center is working on two long-term research and outreach projects, on “The Future of Democracy” and “Public Service in the 21st Century.”

The Dukakis Center also maintains a keen interest in entrepreneurship at the local and national levels, in business, civil society, and the public sector. The Center hosts the Business and Politics Forum every other year, bringing together leading practitioners from the private and public sectors to examine a topic of interest to the business and policy communities of Northern Greece.

Students may be eligible to participate in our projects, and volunteer in other Dukakis Center activities.

Recent Policy Lab initiatives

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