The Dukakis Center in the news

Dukakis center medallion

The Dukakis Center has been present in unprecedented fashion in local and national news media this past year, particularly during the Spring 2016 semester ACT.

In the past 18 months Dukakis Center Director David Wisner has appeared on TV100, ET3, and Vergina TV. A TV100 camera crew filmed the Dukakis Lecture by Jean Quatremer in November 2015, at which TV100 Director Filios Stangos moderated.
Meanwhile, the Dukakis Center featured twice in Kathimerini in April 2016, after our ground-breaking conference on civic engagement democracy. First, Nikos Marantzidis' and George Siakas of the University of Macedonia Research Institute published their analysis of data from the national poll commissioned by the Dukakis Center for the conference.

Second, David Wisner wrote a report on the conference for the English edition of Kathimerini. This latter attracted the attention of the 100,000-member strong American scholarly network H-Net, and that also that of the Economist Intelligence Network.

Finally, the Dukakis Center live-streamed two of its events during the spring semester, the first a debate/happening on the Democratic primaries in the US, the second a Dukakis Lecture on the Armenian Genocide by Thomas de Waal of Carnegie Europe. Video of both are, or will soon be, available on line, along with a clip from the April 2016 democracy conference.

Technical assistance was provided in both instances by ACT alumnus, and sometime Dukakis Center associate, Pantelis Rafail.


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